AG-600 Sand Equivalent Test Set


For indicating relative proportion of clay like material and fine dust in granular soil or graded aggregate.
AG-601 Graduated Cylinder  Transparent fibre glass, 1 1/4″ i.d, 1 1/2″ o.d 17″ height, with scale. 2 pcs
AG-602 Stoper Assembly  Rubber Stoper, irrigation tube, hose, sypon. 1 pc
AG-603 Weight Foot Assembly  Machine steel, galvanized, 1000 gr weight, sand reading indicator. 1 pc
AG-604 Stock Solution  Calcium cloride, glyserin and formaldehyde solution. Supplied in a plastic container (1 ltr). 1 btl
AG-605 Carrying Case  Wooden case with handle 1 pc
GE-390   Thin Box  Alumunium 60 gr capacity 2 pcs
GE-470   Funnel  Plastic, narrow mouth 1 pc