BI-110A Distilation Of Cutback Asphalts


For measuring the amount of the more volatile constituents in cut back asphaltic product
BI-111 Flask Heat resistance glass 500 ml capacity, with side arm 1 Set
BI-112 Condenser Glass, jacketed 1 Set
BI-113 Adapter Heat resistance glass 1 Set
BI-114 Shield Metal, asbestos lined, glass window 1 Set
BI-115 Shield and Flask Support Variable height adjustment 1 Set
BI-116 Support and Clamp Metal, provided with clamps 1 Set
GE-230 Bunsen Burner Heat resource 1 Pc
GE-237 Asbestos Wire Gauze 15 x 15 cm 1 Pc
GE-649.1 Thermometer ASTM 7 C, 2 to 300oC 1 Pc