CE-100 Air Permeability of Porland Cement by Fineness Device


For determining fineness of porland cement by air permeability
CE-101 Stand Polished wood 1 Pc
CE-102 U-Tube Manometer Glass Tubing with valve 1 Pc
CE-103 Permeability Cell Stainless Steel 1 Pc
CE-104 Perforated Disc Non corroding metal 1 Pc
CE-105 Plunger Stainless steel 1 Pc
CE-107 Stock Solution Dibutylphtalate 0.25 Ltr/Bottle 1 Btl
CE-108 Filter Paper Type 1, grade B 1 Box
GE-473 Funnel Glass 1 Pc
Also required, but not part of this set :
CE-109 Standard Cement
GE-363 Mixing Bowl
GE-965 Mercury