GE-203 to GE-239 Cooling System,Heater,Statif.GE-

GE-203 Cooling System Electric, 220 V-AC. Supplied complete with water tank.
GE-222 Butane Field Heater Ideal for field or laboratory use. LPG consumption, single burner, supplied complete with LPG tank.
GE-230 Bunsen Burner LPG consumption, complete with fiting base and air consumption control
GE-233 Statif Painted rectaangular iron base, vertical round rod
GE-235 Tripod Stand Painted iron, circular top, 15 cm dia. approx.
GE-237 Asbestos Wire Gauze Asbestos centre, 15 x 15 cm
GE-239 Glass Clamp Cast alumunium with adjustable opening