GE-700 to GE-745 Stop Wacth, Caliper, Level, Wrench.


Stop Watch,  Precision timer, plastic body.
GE-700 Stop Watch 60 sec sweep x 30 min
GE-701 Stop Watch 30 sec sweep x 10 min
Vernier Caliper , stainless steel, double scale, for measuring inner and outer diameter
GE-710 Vernier Caliper 6″ (150 mm) capacity
GE-711 Vernier Caliper 8″ (200 mm) capacity
GE-712 Vernier Caliper 10″ (250 mm) capacity
GE-713 Vernier Caliper 12″ (300 mm) capacity
Open End Wrench
GE-730 Open End Wrench Metric unit, 8 pcs
GE-731 Open End Wrench Imperial unit, 8 pcs
Ring Spanner
GE-732 Ring Spanner Metric unit, 8 pcs
GE-733 Ring Spanner Imperial unit, 8 pcs
Allen Key
GE-734 Allen Key Metric unit, 8 pcs
GE-735 Allen Key Imperial unit, 8 pcs
Pipe Wrench
GE-736 Pipe Wrench 8″ length
GE-737 Pipe Wrench 12″ length
GE-738 Pipe Wrench 18″ length
GE-739 Pipe Wrench 24″ length
Strap Wrench
GE-740 Strap Wrench 4″ capacity
GE-741 Strap Wrench 6″ capacity
Adjustable Wrench
GE-742 Adjustable Wrench 6″ length
GE-743 Adjustable Wrench 8″ length
GE-744 Adjustable Wrench 10″ length
GE-745 Adjustable Wrench 12″ length