GE-747 to GE-820 Scop, Gloves, Canvas.

GE-747.748 GE-801.806

GE-747 Rubber Gloves Rubber materials, water proof, for chemical purposes
GE-748 Leather Gloves Leather materials, for general purposes.
GE-749 Asbestos Gloves Asbestos materials, for heat resistance purpose.
GE-750 Quatering Canvas Heavy duty canvas for field and laboratory use 100 cm x 100 cm..
Round Scoop Cast alumunium materials, general purpose.
GE-800 Scoop Round bottom, small size
GE-801 Scoop Round bottom, large size
Flat Scoop Cast alumunium materials, general purpose
GE-805 Scoop Flat bottom, small size
GE-806 Scoop Flat bottom, large size
GE-810 Scoop Pan Galvanized metal flat bottom, with handle.
GE-815 Aggregate Scoop Wooden handle, metal blade, 1 meter length approx.