SO-130A Standard Penetration Test


For driving a split barrel sampler to obtain a representative soil sample and measure the soil resistance to penetration.


SO-131 Split Barrel Sampler Herdened machined steel, 1 3/8″ i.d., 18″ length 1 Set
SO-132 Sampling Rod Steel pipe, 1.5 m length 20 Pcs
SO-133 Drive Weight Assembly
SO-133.1 Hammer Steel, 63.5 kg weight 1 Pc
SO-133.2 Anvil Machined Steel 1 Pc
SO-133.3 Guide Rod Steel, 76.2 cm drop height 1 Pc
SO-134 Tripod Assembly
SO-134.1 Tripod Stand Steel pipe 1 Pc
SO-134.2 Pulley 20 cm dia 1 Pc
SO-134.3 Rope 3/4″ dia x 15 mtr 1 Rol
SO-137 Vertical Guide Machined Steel 1 Pc
GE-739 Pipe Wrench 24″ length 2 Pcs