SO-330A Hydrometer Analysis Test Set


For determining grain size distribution of fine soil sample.
SO-331 Hydrometer A (152 H) Glass, stream line, range 0-60 gr soil/ltr 1 Pc
SO-332 Hydrometer B (151 H) Glass, stream line, range 0.995-1.038 1 Pc
SO-333 Mechanical Stirer Electric, 220 V, cast alumunium frame, 10.000 rpm 1 Pc
SO-334 Dispersion Cup Stainless steel cup, 3.75″ top dia., 2.6″ bottom dia. 7″ height brass baffles 1 Pc
SO-335 Hydrometer Jar Bath Steel sheet, fibre glass couted, temperature control
SO-335.1 Bath Steel sheet, fibre glass coated, 60 x 30 x 40 cm 1 Pc
SO-335.2 Water Heater Electric, range ambient to 40oC 1 Pc
SO-336 Dispension Agent
SO-336.1 Sodium Hexa Bottled, powder 1 kg
SO-336.2 Water Glass Bottled, liquid 1 kg
SO-337 Hydrometer Jar Glass, 1000 ml capacity, 2 1/2″ dia. approx. 3 Pcs
SO-405 Graduated Cylinder 1000 ml capacity 1 Pc
GE-600 Thermometer Range 0 – 50oC 1 Pc