SO-525 Direct Shear Test Set


For determining shearing resistance of soil sample.
SO-526 Loading MAchine
SO-526.1 Frame Welded steel frame hand operated 1 Pc
SO-526.2 Loading Hanger Machined steel, galvanized, supplied without load 2 Pc
SO-527 Shear Box Cast alumunium box, 63.5 mm sample dia., porous stone, loading cap. 1 Set
SO-523 Loads Slotted, machined steel, galvanized
SO-523.1 Load 3167 gr weight 2 Pcs
SO-523.2 Load 6334 gr weight 1 Pc
SO-524 Sample Tube Machine steel, 63.5 mm dia., galvanized, with extruder 1 Set
GE-101.1 Proving Ring 100 kg capacity 1 Pc
GE-135 Dial Indicator Range 10.0 mm x 0.01 mm 1 Pc
GE-136 Dial Indicator Range 20.0 mm x 0.01 mm 1 Pc
GE-840 Wire Saw 10 cm length approx. 1 Pc